Biology discussion

The Lab Overview for this module encouraged you to think about examples of diffusion and osmosis that you encounter in daily life. It is good to be able to put the knowledge you are gaining to practical use when you soak limp lettuce to crisp it up before putting it in your salad or spread out the dish towel to dry, allowing the diffusion of water molecules into the surrounding air to occur more rapidly to prevent it from getting that sour smell it gets when crumpled in a ball or folded too many times. On a more serious note, this module’s Lab Discussion will focus on kidney dialysis; although you may also throw in some other daily home applications of diffusion and osmosis if you want to!

For this discussion you will submit 1 original post and at least 3 responses to classmates’ entries, as follows:

Original Post – Find an outside source containing interesting information about kidney dialysis and report some specific details about how dialysis machinery uses diffusion and osmosis to accomplish the cleansing of the patient’s blood in a way that is similar to the way the kidney normally accomplishes this task during the production of urine.

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