behavioral components affect

Question 4

Many of us have always understood that we feel a certain way about a topic, but we may have not understood how cognitive, affective, and behavioral components affect how our attitudes take shape.  For this discussion, think about the information you read regarding the affective, cognitive, and behavioral components of attitude. Read the following scenario, and answer these questions using your initial thoughts and reactions.  Sarah has been assigned to work on a team project with Jane and George. She does not really get along with either one of them. Answer the following questions using your initial thoughts and reactions towards this scenario.

1. In what ways could Sarah’s feelings toward her co-workers affect her view of the project overall? What beliefs do you think Sarah may have about the overall success of the project?

2. Based on the feelings and beliefs that Sarah may have, how might she act in the first meeting? How might she act in subsequent meetings she may have?

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