Unit III Research Paper Outline

For this assignment, you will write the introduction for your research paper. Your introduction should include at least five sentences, introduce your reader to the topic you have chosen to research, and provide a strong thesis statement. Conclude the first page by providing an outline for your final paper.

Next, in a one-page summary, identify any barriers that you have experienced with research that you have conducted so far and how that has affected your attitude. For example, have you had trouble finding information (attitude change)? How have you overcome those barriers (attitude resilience)?

In conclusion, you are creating a document that has three sections: introduction, outline, and summary. The reasoning for all of this is to help ensure you are on the right path, have chosen a good topic to research, and can gain help from your professor if needed.

This assignment should be completed in APA style and be at least two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages.

Question 1

As you consider the information in the textbook regarding information processing and behavior, think about unconscious attitude and the following decisions:

· Voting,

· Getting on social media,

· Marrying, and

· Having children.

Choose one of the topics, and discuss how some people are more affected by that decision over the others.

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