Aviation Maintenance Management Discussion

Topic: Aviation maintenance management problem

n preparation for the research project final submission due in Module 8, you will develop an annotated bibliography, which helps you prepare for your research project as you critically read your sources and gain a fuller understanding of what has been presented on your topic. Include a title page in APA format.

Even though your paper must employ a minimum of five scholarly references, at this time you are only required to submit three of the five resource references. Utilize the Hunt library or any other research databases to locate sources related to your topic and write an annotated bibliography for each source. These sources must come from peer-reviewed scholarly journals, books, book chapters, reports/studies of governments, and other published sources you expect to use in your paper. Some restrictions to keep in mind are:

  • No more than three of the five references can come from the brief introductory web pages that many organizations use to introduce programs or subject areas.
  • Statements extracted from magazines, newspapers, broadcast media outlets, blogs are permitted but do not count toward the seven reference minimum requirement.

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