astronomical object

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astronomical object

Select an ASTRONOMICAL OBJECT. This may include a specific object (examples: the planet Venus, the Andromeda galaxy) or a class of objects (examples: black holes, comets, dark matter). Create a discussion thread with the name of the object as the title of the thread. (Students may not post a thread for an astronomical object that has already been posted by another student – so read the threads in the discussion carefully before posting.) Compose your posts IN YOUR OWN WORDS. In your post, compose a paragraph or two and include the following:

  • Place the name of the object in the TITLE OF THE THREAD.
  • Then, in the body of the post, inlcude …….. :
  • A description including such points as: origin, formation, composition, important related processes, etc.
  • Where it is found, and how it is that we know about it (how is it seen, sampled, detected, etc.)
  • A discussion of its value or significance to us. In other words – why should we care about your object.
  • Feel free to include an image of your object (not required).
  • Include the NAMES and SOURCES of the materials you used to find the information you used in your post.

topic that are already used so far

the milky way galaxy, nubecula minor, Charon, uy scuti, black holes

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