Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence.

his week we covered Artificial Intelligence. The assignment is (Discussion post) about 250 -500 words (you don’t have to write a reference, if you do, please use the one I have uploaded)

What is AI?  How has AI been applied in the mental health care system (provide examples from Luxton, 2013)?  What are the benefits of AI in the health care system, and what are some of the concerns?  What is the goal of Natural Language Processing (NLP)?  Describe each of the main distinct focuses of NLP.  Select two of the levels of NLP and describe each, as well as provide an example.  Describe some of the similarities and differences between the Statistical Approach and the Connectionist Approach.  How did Fei Fei Li and colleagues incorporate NLP into their object-naming system described in the TED Talk?  How can the technology described in the TED Talk be applied to real-world applications?

A link to the TED Talk video by Fei-Fei Li:


1. 250 to 500 words

2. I have uploaded a short TED Talk by Fei-Fei Li + 2 articles one by Luxton (2013) and one by Liddy (2001)

3. Please check the (Rubrics)



0-1 2-3 4-5 6
Criteria Primary Post addresses few, if any, aspects of the assignment, and demonstrates

little to no


of the subject


Primary Post indicates that you may not have paid attention to the assignment’s Instructions or subject matter. The ideas presented in the post are not original or supported by course material. The post is largely

Based on your personal opinion and experiences.

Primary Post addresses most of the aspects of the assignment. The ideas presented in the post demonstrate some understanding of the academic subject matter. Your post is supported by incomplete, or anecdotal evidence. Your positing addresses all aspects of the assignment. The ideas presented in

The post demonstrates a thoughtful consideration of the academic subject matter. Your post is Supported by strong evidence from the course material.

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