Approach to writing an essay and a term paper

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Approach to writing an essay and a term paper

essayAll students have to write creative educational work: essay, abstracts, term papers and thesis. Of course, such events cause concern and doubts. For the most part they are associated not with the lack of confidence of students in their own knowledge. But with the excessive regulation of this component of the educational process. Besides, the pickiness of teachers and a lack of time for revisions.

It is a well-known fact that if students are asked to prepare a report or an essay on a topic that is of interest to them, they will take up work, even if the result does not promise a positive assessment in the discipline. Even careless students will take the opportunity to express their thoughts in a free form and impress the audience. But when they are forced to write a term paper or thesis, which is a form of control and attestation, students perceive this turn of events as a problem.

Not all students order writing of study papers from third-party organizations or teachers. Thus, we want to provide some tips for those who are going to write essays, term papers and theses themselves.

Essay theme selection

Half of the essay writing success depends on the choice of the topic, not only in writing, but also in defense. If a topic seems simple or interesting, it doesn’t mean that it will be easy. So, it is advisable to consult with the lead teacher what he can tell and why. You can also ask him what he thinks about the topic of your choice. How much it suits your abilities and how available the literature on this issue is. The teacher will suggest a profitable option, and for himself he will note that you write the work yourself and reckon with his authority.

And the main thing here is not to delay choosing a topic. The most profitable of them are sorted out immediately, and those who are late get the most tricky and boring ones.

Essay planning

The plan should reflect the sequence of presentation of the material and the construction of the author’s judgments. Off-topic questions should not be reflected in the plan. Yet, even the most obvious and logical plan can lead to external imbalance. There is a formal need that the structural units of work (sections, subsections, paragraphs) should be of equal size. In practice, this does not work out, because one question on the research topic is unambiguous and does not need deep understanding. Second is very controversial and problematic, containing many exceptions and peculiarities. So, it can be disclosed only by increasing the volume of a specific part of the work.

In this regard, based on the available literature, it makes sense to estimate in advance what sections and subsections should turn out so as not to violate the proportions of the work, and only then approve the plan with the scientific advisor.

essayTime planning

Each student has his own ability to work. Some can give a job in a week; some are not even six months. In order not to force yourself to perform work in an emergency mode, it is enough to make it a rule to write one page a day. Three months will be enough for a diploma, and a month for a coursework. You will not even notice how to complete all the work, and you will not waste precious personal time.

Interaction with the scientific advisor

Remind as often as possible that you are working. Seek advice even when everything is clear to you. Of course, this applies to meticulous and strict teachers: they will take into account that their opinion is important to you, and they will be more lenient when reviewing the work and defending. “Well, how can there be a bad work, which was written under my vigilant guidance?”


A thing that discourages any craving for creative search and does not represent scientific value. Many GOSTs regulate the order of writing scientific papers, abbreviations, bibliographic lists, references, placement of figures and a host of other details.

Of course, you must follow them, if only you ask the question of how important they are. So, it is better to be silent, and to fulfill only those requirements for registration that the university itself formulated in its methodological instructions. And if there is something missing, then you should not turn to GOST, but rather do it at your own discretion.

It is important to consider that it is better to adhere to the design requirements from the very first page of the work. Otherwise, later, a good text, written in one breath. But without observing the rules of paper design, it will be very difficult to bring them into line with them.


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