Annotated Bibliography Smart Wheelchair Discussion Board

  1. ASME Competition (15-min.):This is a presentation done according to ASME Old Guard rules. The criteria for allowable subjects are very broad. Your topic needs to have something to do with engineering. The primary focus of the presentation is up to you, but you need to include aspects of how the topic effects the environment, the economy and the Global Community. Past subjects have ranged from the highly technical to ergonomic issues on the shop floor. You are permitted to do a speech based solely on library research, but the most compelling ones tend to be on subjects with which you have had firsthand experience. Your personal knowledge “comes through” and works well for you.The speech is to be accompanied by a written paper with a minimum of twelve double spaced pages in length. Since you choose the topic, there is no seed reference provided. You are required to cite a minimum of fifteen references. You may use vendor literature for some, but not all, of your references. Your ASME Competition Paper topic, and preliminary bibliography (must include minimum of 15 references) are due throughout the semester.
  1. Oral Presentation
  1. Any recorded presentations must include BOTH a video feed of your screen showing your power point and a feed showing yourself so that body language can be assessed.
  1. You will receive both instructor and peer comments on the presentation.
  1. Peer reviewers will be assigned in class before the presentation due date
  1. Peer Reviews
  1. Each Speech will have a Discussion Board Thread in the Discussion Section of Black Board.
  1. Power Points used during the speeches are to be submitted to the corresponding Discussion Threads on the speech due date.
  1. Students will post replies to their assigned peers discussing the reviewed speech based on the discussion threads requirements
  1. Student participation in these threads will be scored based on the thread requirements
  1. Final Paper
  1. The final paper is to be submitted to Black Board at or before the due date.
  1. 90% of the grade for the final paper will be based on the content of the paper and 10% will be given for proof of using the UND Writing Center.
  1. Note of Summer Sessions due to the UND Writing Center being closed 100% of the score will be based on the content of the paper.

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