analyze assessment tools

For this assignment, you will select one of the case scenarios provided in the assignment’s Resources, Riverbend City: Case Scenarios Part 1, and analyze assessment tools that would support the diagnostic process for both the substance use and mental health issues presented. You are encouraged to focus on the assessments for substance use and mental health issues covered in Chapter 2 of the Substance Use Disorders and Addictions text. This assignment sets the stage for the formulation of the treatment plan in Unit 9 assignment.  Assignment Instructions •Consider scholarly literature for your selected assessment to analyze the level of appropriateness of the tool to assess clients from diverse backgrounds. •Include information that would be needed to formulate a differential diagnosis. •Formulate a provisional diagnosis following the DSM-5 criteria using the assessment template provided including a concise summary.  Follow the template to address client strengths, challenges, and level of care. You are encouraged to use course readings to support your assessment strategy

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