Albany College of Pharmacy Healthcare Management Case Study Analysis

Albany College of Pharmacy Healthcare Management Case Study Analysis

  1. Case Analysis (Individual) –Quality/Patient Safety Improvement Plan: Students will analyze utilizing QI tools. The case is (it is hard to kill 15yr) students will use the information, and data provided from the case they identified asnd utilize specific QI/PS tools and techniques to address the problem at hand. Deliverables will include a QI/Patient Safety Case Analysis that addresses – what happened (incident), why it happened (contributory factors), key contributory factors (two to three), recommendations to address the key contributory factors (with evidence to support effectiveness of interventions), measures to assess improvement and rationale. You will provide charts, graphs and use the learning from defects tool and other tools – fish bone, pareto chart etc.Length of the paper: The case analysis should be six to (double-spaced) excluding appendices, cover page, and references.You must use sub-headings e.g. what happened, why/contributory factors, key contributory factors that led to the event, recommendations to address key contributory factors and rationale, measures to assess improvement and conclusion.Please refer to detailed instructions on the course attached

Note – A thorough case analysis requires you to read the case at least twice, make notes, use facts and provide recommendations that will address the issues identified.Please familiarize yourself with the tools (learning from defect and seven basic quality tools).All the material will be attached to help you with this case.

* the case, the instructions and QI tool. The book is (Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management, Third Edition Patrice L. Spath ) I do not have*

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