aesthetic appreciation

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aesthetic appreciation


LT: PSYCH/610 Version 2


University of Phoenix Material


A researcher is interested in investigating the relationship between viewing time (in seconds) and ratings of aesthetic appreciation. Participants are asked to view a painting for as long as they like. Time (in seconds) is measured. After the viewing time, the researcher asks the participants to provide a ‘preference rating’ for the painting on a scale ranging from 1-10. Create a scatter plot depicting the following data:

Viewing Time in Seconds Preference Rating
10 3
12 4
24 7
5 3
16 6
3 4
11 4
5 2
21 8
23 9
9 5
3 3
17 5
14 6

What does the scatter plot suggest about the relationship between viewing time and aesthetic preference?

The scatter plot suggests that there is a positive relationship between viewing time and aesthetic preference as the data goes upward when looking at it from left to right. Those that viewed the painting for a longer period of time seemed to have a greater preference rating.

Is it accurate to state that longer viewing times are the result of greater preference for paintings? Explain.


Submit your scatter plot and your answers to the questions to your instructor. Please include a proper title page in APA format, cite/reference our textbook, and include a proper reference page as well.

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