So, it seems important, if you want to learn more about yourself and improve your accomplishments in life, that you take the test that the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania has. So here is what I would like you to do:

1.      Click ond once in the site, scroll down to the third test under the heading of “Engagement Questionnaires” to the test entitled “VIA Survey of Character Strengths,” click on “Take the test” over to the right side that line.

2.      Once you are registered (no fee required), take the test.

3.      When you finish the test, capture your results, and then come back here and tell us your five “Signature Strengths.”

4.      Are there any surprises in the results, such as strengths you never thought belonged to you or a different order of strengths than what you have always identified for yourself?

5.      Can you imagine how consciously using these five strengths whenever you act in life could enhance your life satisfaction and accomplishments?

VIA Survey of Character Strengths. Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Retrieved from:

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