A research paper about Transnational Corporations

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A research paper about Transnational Corporations

I. Introduction that outlines the global history of your TNC and gives an initial answer to the WHEN and WHERE questions

Include a screen shot of your own map or another map (with attribution) of the TNC’s global value network

II. Provide detailed account of the evolving reasons for WHY the TNC is going global

Addressing any rationales that relate including character of sourcing efficiency, market access interests and contract relations.

Be sure to break-down sourcing efficiency into different types that might apply: including, accessing cheap labor, accessing raw materials and land, accessing technology and infrastructure, moving to areas where regulations are less well enforced, and so on.

III. Describe HOW your TNC has gone global using everything you have learned in the quarter about the following:

Types of global value network used (buyer chains vs producer chains, degree of market mediation and use of relational networks)

Organization of global division of labor (pay and type of labor in different areas)

Relationship with national government(s) and home country in terms of government support for the TNC, lobbying, business culture, financing and so on

IV. Draw on all your prior work on TNC hype to examine how the company’s self-representation and PR relates to the claims of critics of the TNC over some particular global controversy (eg sweatshops, child labor, pollution, access to medicines)

How did the company respond? How significant were changes to the company, and how effective was public and governmental pressure on the company? Did the company’s response apply universally, or did it make changes in some locations but not in others? Here it is important to be critical—don’t just take the company’s word for it that they have resolved all issues—dig a little deeper and try to find out if things have really changed.

V. Conclusion

Here you should “go big.” What implications does the story you’ve told in this paper have for globalization as we’ve discussed it in this class?

All the materials are attached below. If there is any questions please post here!

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