3-D printing in Healthcare

3-D printing in Healthcare

Prepare a powerpoint with speaker notes ( The powerpoint is on 3-D printing in healthcare). Each topic should contain 4 slides (so that means I should have a total of 8 slides). I am responsible for 2 topics. First topic History and current use of 3-D printing in healthcare. 2nd topic should contain the summary of the powerpoint. I will upload the rubric and direct details of what should be addressed within each topic.

  1. Speaker Notes
    1. Outline and “script” the presentation for online students.
    2. Online students’ speaker notes should include the name of the student whoresearched and presented the slide information.
      1. Scholarly writing and APA 6th Edition guidelines should be followed as applicable to PowerPoint slides.
      2. Cite sources in APA format in the applicable slides and include the APA formatted reference in your reference list slide(s) ‐ Minimum 6 references
      3. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation apply even in bullet points and speaker slides (e.g., quotation marks, italics, verb tense, etc.)
      4. Copyright and plagiarism rules apply

      History & Current Use

      1. Describe significant findings that prompted the development of the technology
      2. Discuss the history and current use of the technology in healthcare
      3. Describe three goals of this technology’s implementation.

      f. Summary

      1. Key points
      2. Discoveries/surprises iii. Lessons learned by the team

      3. Team Project Evaluation (40 points)a. Place & discuss the following questions and responses in the slides(s) following the summary slide and prior to the reference slide(s).

      1. How did the team function well? (e.g., team strengths, team balance, etc.)
      2. What problems did you have interacting as a team? (e.g., team weaknesses,outside challenges, technology, etc.)
      3. What specific actions would you recommend to future teams to help theminteract, function, and collaborate successfully?

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