200-300 words discussion posts I NEED 2 OF THEM

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200-300 words discussion posts I NEED 2 OF THEM


I need 2 different discussion posts for a healthcare financial management class. Please make sure they have a different analyzation and ideas. the deadline is 16-20 hours.

Respond to the following question (minimum 200 words) and provide at least two responses to others.

This discussion board of the course and your opportunity to discuss any topic you desire, as long as it is relevant to healthcare.


SO i need 2 different posts and 4 responses total


Quality Initiatives

By Michelle
I believe that quality metrics is one key focus area for healthcare systems success in today’s market. According to the World Health Organization, quality of care is defined as “the extent to which health care services provided to individuals and patient populations improve desired health outcomes.” Healthcare industry needs to provide high quality care to its patients. Patients and families are able to gather so much information for themselves through internet searches, mainline marketing and word of mouth. If healthcare systems do not provide the highest levels of care and demonstrate the value of this quality to its patients, then patients will choose other facilities.

Quality metrics are easily accessible and many facilities provide their outcomes on webpages or other marketing strategies in order to educate and sway patients to their facilities.


Patient Satisfaction

By Danielle

One area I am very interested in is patient experience. The experience a patient has when they enter a healthcare facility can affect numerous outcomes for that particular organization. Thus, positive patient experiences are crucial for healthcare organizations. Patient experience is measured using the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey. The HCAHPS asks questions directly related to the patient’s experience such as communication with staff, the hospital environment, and pain management in order to gain the patient’s perspective. Patients will rate responses from “never”, “sometimes” “usually” and”always.” when examining responses, “never”, “sometimes” and “usually” are all considered the same. Always is the only acceptable answer because hospital staff should always be providing patients with exceptional service. Hospital leadership examines the responses and looks at trends in the data where the hospital can improve. The HCAHPS survey is also tied to reimbursement, so from a financial point, it is crucial to ensure positive patient experience. On a side note, at my internship, I work with the director of patient experience. It is evident that positive patient experiences lead to greater employee satisfaction. Overall, excellent leadership is needed in the healthcare facility to ensure positive patient experiences.


Long-Term Care

By Christopher

One topic I am extremely passionate about is the concept of long-term care. From a provider standpoint, a patient standpoint, and a financial standpoint, I believe that long-term care is one of the most pressing issues facing the United States healthcare system today. There are expected to be nearly 80 million people aged 65 or older in the United States by 2030. It is at this age that individuals typically face their most complicating health issues. With a surge as large as this, how will our healthcare system accommodate the need for services for a majority of these individuals? Will there be enough providers to provide care for these individuals? As disease and illnesses progress, will there be enough facilities to house and care for those in need? For those obtaining care, have they saved enough to cover their costs of care? Is the Medicare system capable of covering this large number of individuals? There are so many unanswered questions, and yet it does not seem that there has been a plan in place to prepare for the magnitude of need and access demanded on the healthcare system.

As I continue to travel for my current job, it seems that a senior living facility is located on every corner that I pass. One might think that with the continuous building of senior living facilities there might be an excess of beds or places to obtain care. However, very few of these places are meant to serve the medical needs of the elderly population nor qualify as a Medicare facility. Most of them might resemble a retirement community at best. I watch as my own family members and loved ones grow older and desire care and my concerns grow that they may not be able to find a care facility that best suits their healthcare needs. It is difficult to find a service that is a one-stop shop to meet residential and healthcare needs, and a facility that accommodates both is typically financially burdensome for most. I see all too often the neglect and abuse that occurs in elderly care facilities in our nation, so when and where does it come to meet the need that is projected for our elderly community? National and local standards must be established for the greater good of public health.


Employee Satisfaction

by Paul

One topic I find to be crucial to healthcare is employee satisfaction. It is important for healthcare organizations to care about how satisfied employees are with their jobs. Poor job satisfaction can cause increased employee turnover and poorer patient satisfaction score. Both of which can be costly to the company. Improved employee satisfaction leads to better patient satisfaction, improved quality of care, and lower turnover rates. Due to these factors, companies’ with better employee satisfaction can fare better financially.

In the article, “Change Your Tone, Change Their Tune: Positive Feedback Inspires Better Employee Performance” by Denise Boureau-Scott this matter is addressed. This article showed that giving positive feedback to employees increased the employees’ job satisfaction. There was a positive correlation with positive feedback and employee satisfaction; the more positive feedback, the higher degree of satisfaction. Moreover, the article showed that companies with the highest job satisfaction had better profitability, patient satisfaction, and workplace morale.

It is important for companies, especially in healthcare (due to high stress levels), to ensure that their employees enjoy their jobs. Improving office morale and overall job satisfaction can increase quality care of patients and patient satisfaction scores. This is incredibly important in healthcare because if quality of care and patient satisfaction scores drop then the overall mission of the company is not being met in most cases. Also, companies with very poor employee satisfaction will not be able to prosper and survive in the future.


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